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Saturday, October 14, 2006

International AIDS Candlelight Memorial - 2007 Theme & Poster Idea Submission

The Global Health Council chooses a new theme and poster each year for the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial. Posters are sent to coordinators who register with the Memorial, which takes place this year on Sunday, May 20, 2007. The theme and poster are unveiled on World AIDS Day, Dec. 1, which also marks the beginning of planning for the Candlelight Memorial in May. However, this year the Council is considering having a permanent slogan for the Memorial which will be the same every year. The Council welcomes you to submit any ideas for slogans and pictures to be considered for the poster. Your idea or picture could be a part of the official 2007 Candlelight poster, which is distributed worldwide. Please send your submissions to the councils website and explain why your submission is important to you. The slogan, which will be the same year after year, will be very similar to past year's themes such as "Lighting the Path to a Brighter Future," "Turning Remembrance Into Action," and "One Voice, Many Faces... United for Life." Only photographs from the past year's 2006 Candlelight Memorial will be considered and there is no monetary award for acceptance. If you are submitting a picture by email, please submit high resolution digital pictures. For the Council to use your photograph, you must also submit the complete contact information for the person responsible for each photograph. Please include a brief description of the photographs and a release form. Also complete and sign a Person Identification Form for each close-up photograph of individuals, especially those who have announced themselves to be HIV positive. All pictures sent to the Global Health Council will become property of the Council and may be used for publication.
Download Photography Release and Person Identification Form:
Photographs may also be mailed to:Candlelight MemorialGlobal Health Council1111 19th Street, NW, Suite 1120Washington, D.C. 20036


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